Why medicate when you can rejuvenate

Since residency, I have been frustrated and limited with the options I had to treat common medical conditions unique to women. Conditions like: vaginal dryness, leaking urine when you sneeze or cough, not being able to hold your urine, loose vaginal tissue and/or labia, pain with intercourse and inability to achieve orgasm. For years all we have had is sloppy cream and messy gel that doesn’t really work that well. If it works at all, it takes several months to achieve maximum benefit. Many of these medications especially hormones are not an option for some women based on their medical history, which leaves some women with no options at all. Until now…

Why lubricate or medicate when you can rejuvenate? If you had the option of changing the matrix in the vagina to restore your support, increase moisture and sensation without pain or recovery time would that it be worth looking into?

As a mother of three with a set of twins, I know carrying my children changed me in ways that I can not appreciate. I know that children change your life forever, but I never imagined the physical changes would be as dramatic. I never thought I would have to monitor my fluid intake and plan for bathroom breaks in my 40s.

As the daughter of a 9 year, breast cancer, survivor, I am acutely aware of how chronic disease and medication can rob you of your youthfulness. Not only is she not a candidate for any type of estrogen therapy because of her tumor type but she had to take antiestrogens which made matters worse.

ThermiVa is the solution to all of these issues that interfere with our ability to maintain our youthfulness. Intimacy with our partners should not have to be curtailed by the changes our bodies go through over the years. We now have a way to turn back time and even stimulate our erogenous zone. Whether you are not pleased with the physical appearance of your external vagina or you having difficulty acceiving orgasims, ThermiVa can help.